How 2 succeed at eCommerce

Summary: Affordable online platforms, more parcel delivery services available, and more people willing to shop online are all factors contributing to making it super-easy to set up your own online-shop and make a reasonable profit for your time and effort. In addition, it may be worthwhile understanding the following business principles for an even greater…

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How 2 optimize, resize & crop images

Summary: Images that you publish online can add huge value to your brand if you take more care in preparing them correctly. Most site-visitors are first attracted by your visual content, and will then look at real facts before making a decision, so it is worthwhile putting lots of attention to the images that you…

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Online shop

How 2 start an online shop – FREE E-BOOK

Fill in the form to get your FREE-BOOK now. Title: How 2 start an online shop (and sell your products online)  

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How 2 get your online products delivered to your customers

Summary: If you are selling products online, you want to find the best and most affordable ways to get them delivered to your customers. Before employing a driver and purchasing your own delivery vehicle, it is always worthwhile doing a feasibility study to see whether outsourcing such a courier service will actually land up saving…

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How 2 open an online merchant account

By Grant Johnstone Summary: Make your products and services more attractive by offering your clients the ability to pay you by credit-card as well. Easily generate payment-links or integrate the service into your eCommerce website. Motivation to sign up for a merchant account with a system like the one mentioned below: Get a verified online…

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Our new How 2 expert on e-commerce

Introducing our new How 2 expert, Grant Johnstone, owner of Starfish Media and developer of the easy to use e-commerce system, Diwi ( Grant will be teaching us affordable, hassle-free ways to sell your products online and can recommend some systems that will help. Please see Grant’s author profile below. A warm welcome to the…

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