How to raise funds for your business

How to raise Funds for your Business through Crowdfunding

Summary: How to raise funds for your business through crowdfunding. Common mistakes to avoid and steps to follow to ensure a successful campaign. Crowdfunding is gaining in popularity as a way for small to medium business owners to raise funds for their business, or elements of their business. However many Crowdfunding campaigns flop because of…

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Generate leads fast

How to Generate Leads Fast

Summary: How to generate leads for business in a short time frame. Especially relevant when under pressure to get more income coming in. As entrepreneurs we often get so caught up in the creation of product or the daily operations, that we lose sight of lead generation, or don’t get to pay it the attention…

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How to cope with Entrepreneurial Anxiety

Summary: How to cope with entrepreneurial anxiety, depression and stress caused by the external and internal pressure to succeed. We thought it was time to bring this discussion out into the open – and end the madness of entrepreneurs feeling depressed, anxious or not good enough as they toil to achieve greatness with their lives…

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build a mailing list

How to build a mailing list using list swaps

Summary: How to build a genuine mailing list using the list swap technique. Grow a quality mailing list fast. A mailing list is one of the biggest assets you can have in today’s online world. Growing a mailing list can be challenging. The goal is to grow a genuine list that consists mainly of your…

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how to make a photo collage

How to make a Photo Collage for the holidays

Summary: Learn how to make a photo collage or photo card with your personal photos over the holidays. No design knowledge required. It’s holiday season again and its the best time for most entrepreneurs to relax and rejuvenate. Time for a bit of educational fun on how to use online design tools to create collages…

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cash flow statement

How to Read a Cash Flow Statement

Summary: How to interpret your Cash Flow statement and ensure you are cash positive in your business. Includes cash flow statement example. Whether you are an investor or running your own business, you need to understand your financial statements, they are the keys to the company! They can warn of potential problems, and when used…

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How to outsource online

How to outsource online and create freedom

Summary: How to do online outsourcing of complex business tasks you don’t want to do, that you want to do more of, or that you are unable to do yourself. Online outsourcing should be a structured process in order for it to succeed. You need to clearly define tasks, recruit the right people and manage…

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How to collect testimonials

How to collect testimonials automatically

Watch the video or read the text. Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to make collecting lots of testimonials a natural, automatic part of your daily business operation. Step 1: Choose a good Testimonial Software. Search for a good testimonial software that gives your customers the option to supply either a written testimonial with…

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How to network effectively

How to network effectively

Watch the video or read the text. Step 1: Make it about “How can I help?” instead of “Whats in it for me?” Effective networking is not about having a quick way to promote your business. It’s about forming real connections over time that
 support you and your business. Figure out how you can help…

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How to create a landing page that converts the best

Watch the video or read the text. Summary: How to create a landing page with the best possible conversions. Step 1: Clarify the objectives of your landing page. Main objectives include: 1. Opt-ins. 2. Click throughs. 3. Product launches. 4. Sales pages. 5. Upselling. 6. Thank you pages. Depending on your business strategy, you can…

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