How to manage staff

How to Manage your Staff (Part 3 of 8)

In part one of this series we looked at Leadership Styles to Manage your Staff and in part two of this series we looked at Goal Setting as part of Managing your Staff. In this, the third in a series of eight articles, we discuss the use of creative tools and assessments which will ensure…

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Health and safety in a small business

How to implement Health and Safety in a small business

Summary: Don’t be ill-prepared. If someone is injured in your small business this will be detrimental to both the injured party and your small business. Yet small businesses are often not prepared to deal with workplace injuries, because occupational health and safety is seen as a big, formal exercise to rather be avoided. Making sure…

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Aligning HR goals

How to Manage your Staff (Part 2 of 8)

In part one of this eight part series, we discussed management styles. If you took our free management style quiz, you will now know what you are like as a manager, and where you may need to make adjustments. The different management styles are to be used as and when most appropriate and likely to…

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how to manage staff

How to Manage your Staff (Part 1 of 8)

Summary: In the workplace one of the most essential assets are your staff. Each staff member has been selected carefully for the skills they bring to the take. However if you are not managing your staff effectively, they are wasted assets. Each staff member takes time to train and settle into a new environment, high…

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how to recruit the right staff

How to Recruit the Right Staff

Summary: Here are some important things you should do to ensure you recruit top notch staff who will deliver at a high level. Click here for Free Weekly Tutorials and Webinars for Entrepreneurs Step 1: Consider the precise nature of the position to be filled. Make sure you write down every task and responsibility to be…

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How 2 interview for the right staff

Summary: How to hold staff interviews to ensure you get the right staff. At the same ensure that your interviews are structured properly to avoid any legal or other problems. Outcomes: Fill in the below form to Download our FREE Staff Interview Template now: (Includes over 40 key questions you can ask to ensure right…

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