how to bootstrap a business

How to Bootstrap a Business

Summary: Many entrepreneurs have to fund their business purely from their own funds and from operating revenues. This is called bootstrapping. If you can’t get loans or investors, or if you don’t have a lump sum of money, then bootstrapping is usually the only alternative. While it can be challenging, it is not impossible. Here’s…

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How to create an irresistible offer

How to create an Irresistible Offer

Summary: Would you like to create an offer your customers cannot refuse? Make your product or service offer irresistible to your customers and increase your income. If your offer is not being snapped up by your customers it may be missing some crucial elements. Here’s what you need to do to your offer to make it…

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effective meetings

How to make your Meetings more Effective

Summary: Meetings can waste time and affect productivity. There are ways to make meetings far more effective and less time consuming. As entrepreneurs, our time is a precious resource. Meetings can still be effective without being time wasters or productivity stealers. Here’s how: Click here for Free Weekly Tutorials and Webinars for Entrepreneurs Step 1:…

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How to get unstuck as an entrepreneur

How to get ‘Unstuck’ as an Entrepreneur

Summary: How to get ‘unstuck’ when both you and your business feel like you are in a rut, unable to break through the obstacles. As entrepreneurs we tend to go through times where we feel ‘stuck’. Nothing seems to work and strategies seem futile. No matter what gets done, the big obstacles seem impossible to…

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How to deal with business stress

How to deal with the Business Stresses of the New Year

Summary: The New Year can bring a lot of stress for an entrepreneur. Here’s how to deal with this stress and achieve the goals and ambitions you set for yourself for the year. Click Here to Download a Free Chapter from “Stress Gone”. How to Identify and Reduce Stress Easily Every New Year we make…

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how to make a photo collage

How to make a Photo Collage for the holidays

Summary: Learn how to make a photo collage or photo card with your personal photos over the holidays. No design knowledge required. It’s holiday season again and its the best time for most entrepreneurs to relax and rejuvenate. Time for a bit of educational fun on how to use online design tools to create collages…

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How to outsource online

How to outsource online and create freedom

Summary: How to do online outsourcing of complex business tasks you don’t want to do, that you want to do more of, or that you are unable to do yourself. Online outsourcing should be a structured process in order for it to succeed. You need to clearly define tasks, recruit the right people and manage…

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Why you are not Closing Sales

Summary: A free online assessment to determine why you are not closing enough sales. Not closing sales? Click here to take a FREE 2 minute online assessment to figure out the reason.     Not closing sales? Click here to take a FREE 2 minute online assessment to figure out the reason.

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how to market services

How to Market your Service Based Business and close more sales

Summary: Marketing your services using a marketing cycle to ensure consistent sales and profits. Plus download a free online assessment to find out the reason why you are not closing enough sales. Services, unlike products, are not tangible. You cannot see, taste or touch them but need to experience them to derive benefit from them.…

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how to build a mobile app

How to build a Mobile App in 8 steps

Summary: 8 key steps to help you get started with building a Mobile App. If you’re not a developer, building a mobile application is likely to take several months and could cost anywhere from several thousand dollars to several hundred thousand. Needless to say, you’ll want to do everything you can before you start building…

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