How to cope with entrepreneurial stress

Different types of Entrepreneurial Stress

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Different types of entrepreneurial stress you may be experiencing include:


Eustress is good stress. You have just the right amount of stress for your thinking to sharpen in order to perform tasks faster and better. You may have a lot work to do in your business, but its fun, exciting and energising. Your creative juices are flowing.


You feel the stress from running your business. This could be manifesting as emotional stress including irritability, anger, fear and anxiety or as physical stress including headache, backache, neck pain or even intestinal disorders. If the stress is more severe you sometimes experience heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, rise in blood pressure or chest pain. If you are feeling any of these symptoms your stress levels have built up and you need to do take a break, breathe and get some exercise. Talk to someone if necessary.

Acute Episodic Distress

Acute stress is intense distress and acute episodic distress means that your stress has started to feel like a way of life. In your business you have a never ending to-do list, you may have trouble saying no, you always feel like you are in a hurry but are never on time. Worrying has become a way of life. You need to seek the help of a wellness specialist or coach or if this is severe do not be scared to seek the help of a professional therapist or a medical doctor. If this type of stress goes untreated it can have negative impacts on your entire life and your health.

Chronic Distress Chronic

Distress arises out of circumstances that are not in your control or long lasting stressful events. Things about your business may be making your feel hopeless, helpless and miserable. Often this is the result of ongoing financial pressures in your business. You may be suffering from anxiety, health disorders or even have suicidal thoughts. This type of stress is very dangerous, especially when you become used to it and it still affects your health. You need to seek the help of both medical and behavioural professionals and do not be scared to take prescribed medication if necessary. If your business is causing you financial stress then don’t be afraid to seek help to revisit your business model.

Click Here to take a FREE assessment to check your Entrepreneurial Stress Levels.

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