How 2 build a content based website that generates income

20th May 2019

Summary: How to build your own quality, affordable, content-based website that can generate you several sources of income with integrity. We also show you some systems to use that will help you avoid the high costs of web designers and developers.


  • Build and control your own quality, content-based website that generates you income.
  • Avoid high web design and development costs. 


Step 1: Get a website

Get a website, which gives you full capability to add external plugins to your website. is a WordPress install, best done by your website hosting company when they set up your website for you.

We suggest avoiding websites if you are a serious entrepreneur, as they do not have the capability to add plugins to your website.

Step 2: Add a user-friendly WordPress theme that does not require coding knowledge

Most entrepreneurs are not website developers with an understanding of website code.

If you still want to be able to create and control your own quality content-based website but do not know website code, you should get a user friendly WordPress theme that is specifically designed for the layperson who does not know how to use code.

You WordPress themes are located on the 'appearance' tab in your WordPress admin panel.

One of the most user-friendly themes that we have come across is called OptimizePress.

It gives you most of the templates and functionalities you need to create your own professional looking blog pages, website pages, lead pages, sales pages, about-us pages, thank-you pages and membership pages.

If you already have an existing WordPress theme, OptimizePress also works as a plugin with other themes. (You would then add it via the 'plugin' tab in your WordPress admin panel.) Please note that certain themes and plugins clash with each other and affect functioning. You would then need to decide with theme or plugin is more important to your business.


Step 3: Create and source quality content for your website

Content helps you to build and maintain relationships with your customers.

You will need to find a balance between content that educates, content that entertains and content that helps you to sell your products and services.

Topics should appeal to and grab the attention of  your ultimate target market that will be buying from you.

Make it a habit to post quality content every single day, as this keeps existing relationships going and helps you to build more relationships. Business is about relationships. People are unlikely to keep buying from you without some form of relationship in play.

Include attention grabbing images or videos in your content, especially your featured images. Images and videos are important ways to get people's attention in an online world.

Share and promote your content on social media to increase your reach.

Step 4: Create lead pages and sales pages

Spend time and resources creating well designed lead generation pages and sales pages.

A good lead generation page will request contact information in exchange for a giveaway that is of high enough value that they would have paid something for it. They are therefore very happy to give their information to get it for free.

A good sales page highlights the features and benefits of your offering, has images, includes testimonials, includes a limited offer to encourage the close of the sale, includes value added bonuses to give more value to what they are already paying for, includes a satisfaction guarantee and has a user friendly way for customers to complete the purchase and payment process.

A good WordPress theme, like OptimizePress, comes with built in templates to help you create your own professional looking lead generation and sales pages that integrate automatically with your mailing list and payment systems.

Other well-known software options on the market that can help you to create your own professional looking lead generation and sales pages include Leadpages, Unbounce, Ten Minute Pages and ThriveThemes.

Step 5: Put links in your content that go to your lead pages or sales pages

Include links in about 50% of your content that take people to your lead generation or sales pages.

You can also add popup boxes to your content that appear as people read your content. OptimizePress has a popup box feature called the Overlay Optimizer. This function allows to create a one or two step opt-in process. Two step opt-in processes are proven to be more effective. However their function currently only works on their webpages, not their blog pages.

We recommend Thrive Leads to add popup boxes to your content, as this plugin has all the features you need to control exactly where your popups appear on your pages, for how long they appear on your pages, when they appear to each visitor and how they look on your pages. Thrive Leads also has a 2-step opt-in feature .


Step 6: Create content that you can sell

While a lot of the content you create for your website is probably going to be free, you can also create content that you sell.

This content will be accessible via logins and passwords once purchased.

You can offer paid for content with a once off payment, or you can allow people to access content with monthly payments or membership fees.

Your paid for content will need to be of good quality and reasonable quantity to justify people paying for it.

OptimizePress already includes a built in feature called OptimizeMember that gives you the templates you need to create professional looking membership content, including written and video content. OptimizeMember is a full system that allows you to create logins and passwords for each customer for different content access levels. It also links to payment systems.


Step 7: Build and communicate with a mailing list

Having a content based website may get you interest, but it is not going to be enough to generate income.

You need to build and maintain customer relationships with a mailing list. You then use this mailing list to send people to links to your website sales pages.

The stronger your relationship with your mailing list, the greater the possibility of making consistent sales each month.

Building relationships with the people on your mailing list takes time and should form a key part of your content based business strategy.

Mailchimp is a popular mailing list system that integrates with everything.

Step 8: Develop consistent habits around your content

In order for a content based strategy to work, you need to develop consistent habits around your content in your organization.

Here are some habits we recommend:-

1. Post free content every day.

2. Share free content on social media every day.

3. Share content links with your mailing list by sending out emails at least once a week.

4. Create / update / check  your lead pages and sales pages every month.

5. Create / update content that you can sell every year, if this is part of your income strategy.

A note to this tutorial: It takes on average 2 days to familiarize yourself with all the basic functions of any good system. Thereafter the more you use a system, the more features and functions of that systems you are able to access and benefit from.

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