How 2 generate more leads with pop up forms

20th May 2019

Summary: How to put popup forms on your website that will increase your leads . Learn how to control where you want to display these forms, how you want them to look and how long you want them to display for.


  • Popup forms on your website that grow your mailing list.
  • The ability to design your popup forms and how they display on your website.
  • The ability to control where and for how long your popup forms display on your website.


Step 1: Get a website that allows you to add plugins

Make sure you have a WordPress install or website that allows you to add plugins.

Step 2: Purchase a well designed popup form system 

You will need to purchase a popup form system for your WordPress site and install it as a plugin. Make sure the popup form system you purchase is fully mobile responsive, including any opt-in forms, images or bullet points you add to the form. Make sure that the system has a strong support function. The only well designed popup form system currently on the market that is fully mobile responsive that we have come across is Thrive Leads (no monthly fees, just an affordable once off licence fee).

Note: We would like to dispel any negativity around popups. Some people think they are irritating and should not have them on their websites. Businesses that have popups on their websites have bigger mailing lists, because they do actually work - its that simple.  As long as you use them with integrity, we highly recommend you use them to help you generate more leads and grow your lists. Use any available settings to control when they appear. For example, you can control the number of days before the same visitor sees the same popup again.

Step 3: Choose the style of popup forms that suit your needs

There are different kinds of popup forms you can use for your website. Choose the best style that suits your needs.

  • A lightbox or popup box: This form pops up when people come onto your website.
  • A ribbon: This form stays on the page as the person scrolls on the page.
  • A slide in: This form slides in from the top or bottom while the person is on the page.
  • A widget: This form can be added to your sidebar.
  • A post footer: This form can be added to the bottom of your blog posts.

Make sure the system you choose gives you as many of these options as possible. Make sure that the system gives you full control as to exactly exactly which website pages and posts you want the forms to appear on, when you want them to appear and for how long you want them to appear. Make sure the system allows you to design the look and feel of your popup forms including any opt-in forms, images, bullet points or videos you want to add. Thrive Leads gives you the full capability to control all of these features.

Step 4: Integrate your popup form system with a mailing list system

Use the built in functionality of the popup form system to integrate your forms with your mailing list system. A very popular system is Mailchimp, due to its ability to integrate with most other systems. For those of you with slightly higher budgets, you can use more complex mailing list systems like Infusionsoft. Either way, when someone fills out your popup form, it should automatically update your mailing list.

Step 5: Design your popup forms 

Design your popup forms to look attractive and to suit your website.  Change the colours and fonts. Add images, videos or bullet points that encourage people to complete the form.

Step 6: Manage the settings of your popup forms

Ensure the settings of your popup forms are suitable for your website, including where they appear, when they appear and for how long they appear.

Step 7: Test your popup forms

Test your forms at regular intervals to make sure they work on your website and with your mailing list system. If your popup form system has A/B testing, you can use this functionality to test different versions of your forms to see which ones collect more leads than others.


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