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How 2 increase your sales by 100%

20th May 2019

Summary: Things you need to do or change to drastically increase your sales.


  • Increase in sales in your business once the changes have been made
  • Increase in revenue in your business once the changes have been made


Step 1: Change your mindset around money.

If you want to bring a lot more money into your business, the first thing you need to do is change your own mindset around money. Look at your business history, there is probably some kind of financial pattern there no matter how hard you have worked, what you have done or how much help you have enlisted to increase your revenue. Deep rooted psychological factors determine the way you think about money, which in turn determine how you behave with money, which in turn determines how it flows in your life. These psychological factors impact on anything you create that involves money in your life, and this includes your business. You need to permanently change your daily thought processes and in turn your daily behaviours around money to enable yourself to allow more revenue to flow through more sales in your business. We strongly recommend that you read "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T Harv Eker, or listen to his audio programs to help you to do this. More sales should mean more money. Without this step, you may increase your sales, but find that after the additional operational costs required to do this,  that you are still making the same amount of money you did before.

Step 2: Change what hasn't been working for you.

You need to be brutally honest with yourself here. Look at your business and ask yourself what is not working for you. If you are not hitting your sales targets or coming close to them, then something is wrong. Do not hold onto things about your business that are limiting your sales potential and keeping you in a rut, no matter how attached you are to them or even how long you spent creating them. This includes any beliefs, business processes or strategies that have held you back. You will find that by letting go of self-imposed limitations, you will enable yourself and what anything new you create to expand. You will find that you will apply everything you have learned from the past and improve upon it. And you will realise that what you did in the past was not for nothing, but a very relevant stepping stone to the next level of business that enables more sales.

Step 3: Magnify what has been working for you.

This is the fun part. Look at what is working well and generating good sales already. If it's already working, then why not create leverage so you can do more of the same. This could mean adding more product lines or special offers to markets that are already buying from you, or adding more markets for products that are selling well, or adding more distribution channels to increase your reach, or growing your sales team to sell more of what is already selling well, or just selling more of the same to a greater number of the same target market, or finding ways to pitch to higher numbers of your target market at the same time.

Step 4: Modify or change your product or service offering

Look at the overview of what has been working for you and what has not been working for you as described in the previous two steps. Modify your product or service offering where necessary to increase sales. Or change it completely if necessary to let go of limitations that are keeping your sales stagnant.

Step 5: Think better, act better

Products and services that are of better quality compared to their competitors will sell more and have more longevity in the market place. Improving the quality of what you do will go a long way to improving your sales. Quality is also easier to sell. Quality makes makes you feel good about what you are selling and makes you feel good about doing a sales pitch, which in turn will reflect in the number of customers you are able to close. In order to improve your quality, you will need to change your own mindset about what quality means to your and your customers. Quality need not cost you more to achieve, but you will need to be prepared to work harder to achieve it.

Step 6: Think bigger, feel bigger, act bigger

The bigger you can think, the bigger you will feel, the bigger you will act and the more you will be able to sell.

Step 7: Reset your sales goals

Now that you have worked on your mindset, let go of any limitations and seen what you can do to leverage what is already working, it is time to reset your sales goals. Don't be wishy washy, put your sales goals into clear, measurable numbers. Work these goals backwards into number of leads that need to be generated and the number of sales pitches that need to be done, whether face-to-face or online.

Step 8: Make selling a part of your everyday operation

Selling should be a normal part of your everyday business operation, with normal processes, the same as emails get checked or admin gets done. It should not be seen as something separate that needs to be done to bring in money, but rather a natural part of your offering.

Step 9: Persevere within a adaptable framework

Increasing your sales by a large percentage requires persevering in spite of the obstacles that you will inevitably face as an entrepreneur. Make sure that you allow yourself to adapt as required to ensure that you don't fall back into yet another trap of limitations that hold you back from increasing your sales. It is both perseverance and adaptability that will allow you to achieve your goals. Perseverance without adaptability is like continuing to work hard to achieve something with a giant brick wall in front of your face.

There is no shortcut to increasing your sales in a sustainable fashion. You need to consciously work on your mindset, let go of your limitations and proactively implement your strategies.

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