How 2 interview for the right staff

25th June 2019

Summary: How to hold staff interviews to ensure you get the right staff. At the same ensure that your interviews are structured properly to avoid any legal or other problems.


  • A structured staff interview questionnaire
  • Determining right fit, right skills and right attitudes
  • Protection from legal problems during interviews


Step 1: Structure your interview questionnaire correctly

When holding staff interviews, you should prepare a formal, structured interview questionnaire and checklist.

This ensures that every single personal you interview gets asked exactly the same questions. In this way, no-one can dispute your reasons for not hiring them and hiring someone else instead.

You need to include questions that determine whether the individual is both a proper fit for your organization and its values . You want to determine if they have the right skills for the job.  You also want insight into their attitudes as an employee.

Step 2: Conduct the interview and include skills tests for the job

Conduct your job interviews with each individual using your questionnaire and checklist.

Include mini skills tests to make sure they actually have the skills to do the job in practice, as opposed to in theory. For example, if you are interviewing for a bookkeeper,  ask them to compile a quick balance sheet for you and and interpret it. If you are interviewing for a salesperson, ask them to sell you something.

Depending on your organization, you way want to include personality-type assessments as well to ensure correct fit for the correct job.

Step 3: Ask the candidate if they have any questions 

Make time during the interview for the candidate to ask you their own questions.

This will allow them to determine if they are a good fit for the job themselves and if they think they will be happy in your organization.

Step 4: Write structured comments on each candidate

Include a structured section that allows you to write comments for each candidate so that you can compare and contrast them properly. This can include things like comments on communication style, mannerisms and grooming.

Include a section where you can make notes on any references the candidate gives you to contact. The most important question to ask a reference is: "If you are able to re-employ this individual, would you do it?" This question cuts through to the heart of whether or not they thought the individual was really good or not.

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