How 2 source royalty free music for your presentations, events and videos

20th May 2019

Summary: How 2 source quality background music that adds professionalism to your videos, presentations and events without paying heavy fees and royalties.


  • Learn which affordable, royalty free music platforms are out there.
  • Use this as background music for your presentations, videos and events.


Step 1: Decide exactly what you need the background music for

You may have a video, screencast, presentation, podcast or audio content that that will come across as far more professional with background music.

You may want music just for the beginning (your intro) and/or  the end (your outro). Or you may want  music for the entire duration of your video, audio programme or presentation.

Ask yourself what mood you want to create when people are engaging with your content. Examples of moods include positive, gentle, happy, uplifting and relaxing.

For example, a promotional video to get people to take action may need some upbeat, happy positive music. A demonstration video or presentation may need some gentle background music. An audio program may need a powerful 10 second music intro to grab peoples' attention.

Step 2: Decide on your budget for the music

It is important to remember that you are not allowed to just use an artist's music for commercial purposes without a licence. You could get into trouble. 'Commercial purposes' includes all your business videos, presentations and audio content.

There also free music websites that allow you to use some of their music for commercial purposes provided that you credit the artist. (The website will indicate exactly how you may or may not use each specific song).

If you have some budget, there are some great websites that allow to purchase affordable licences to use a melody without paying royalties. This is known as 'royalty free music.'

On these sites you can select from a large variety of different melody's according to a large variety of different moods.

It is important to remember that on these sites, you are just one person purchasing a licence to use that melody and not purchasing the melody itself. You must respect the terms of the licence.

Prices on royalty free music websites range from a few dollars for specific melodies to a few hundred dollars for full songs, depending on which site you go to.

Step 3: Go onto the music websites and select your music

1. Free Music options

There is a website called that offers that free music downloads. However, not all their downloads are allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Each download will come with specific licence conditions. You will often need to credit an artist if you can use the music for commercial (business) purposes.

2. Licenced Music options

Our favourite website where you can purchase a licence to use music for your business is called Each single melody licence only cost $10 and you are allowed to use each melody for the following:-

  • YouTube (includes monetized videos), Vimeo, websites
  • Television, radio and internet radio broadcast
  • Slideshows - online, wedding, corporate
  • Corporate presentations, advertising and videos
  • Films, documentaries and festivals
  • Podcasting and Videocasting
  • Phone On Hold
  • Education trainings, programs and software
  • Free and paid app/games for iOS/Android/WM/Online
  • Audiobooks

You would typically be allowed to use the melody together with your audio/ visual content, but not on it's own. You would typically not be allowed to use the melody in your own music productions.

The other option we like is The licences for melodies from this are priced a bit higher at around the $40 mark and you can use them for the same purposes as listed for Melody Loops above.

You can also explore premium royalty free music websites like where the music costs about $300 per song.

Step 4: Ensure you have understood the terms of the licence you purchase

Read through the licence agreement carefully before purchasing and make sure you are compliant with the terms of the licence.

Step 5: Download your chosen music and use 

Each website will give you a tool to download your chosen music to your website.

You can simply download the file to your website documents and save it as you would save a normal file.

If you use Mac, download straight to your iTunes library for easy accessibility while editing.

If you use Windows PC, you can use other music libraries and playback applications like MusicBee or MediaMonkey to manage your music downloads.


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