How to buy property in the UK

How to buy property in the UK

Our property expert Andrew Walker from Freedom through Property shares his knowledge on ‘How to buy property in the UK’  in the below video.

About The Author

Andrew Walker

Andrew and Warren have 25 years of property experience between them. They have been investing in both the United Kingdom and South Africa and have trained thousands of Property Investors on how to grow a portfolio in the UK, they both believe that getting educated in property is the first step.

  • Shaun Watson

    Hello. Why is the UK a good place for investment property? If I am going to go to the trouble to invest in another country then why should it be the UK and not another country? Thank you.

    • Warren Brusse

      Morning Shaun, in simple terms the UK residential property market offers excellent cash flow and returns on investment. Further to this it also offer diversification into a strong economy with a strong pound.