How to create a website that gets your business results

Watch the video or read the tutorial below.

Summary: How to create a website that aligns with your business strategy for maximum results.

Step 1: Clarify your website needs and goals.

As an entrepreneur, determine exactly what your primary website needs and goals are, depending on your business strategy.

Examples of different needs and strategies include:-

1. A content website. You will need a content website designed to sell content-based products, digital products, training products or do other forms of content marketing.

2. An e-commerce website. You will need an e-commerce website in order to sell physical products online that you then physically deliver to your customers.

3. A service website. You will need a website that showcases your services and allows people to request a quote which you can follow up on.

Step 2: Choose content management systems and hosting systems in line with your needs and goals.

Lets look at each of the above examples in turn:-

1. A content website: For content marketers with digital products or training products, get a WordPress installation with a solid theme like OptimizePress that is designed to support the creation and sale of your digital products, training products, content products or content-based memberships.

Use a specialist WordPress hosting company to ensure you have the right technical support for a content-based website. If you are on a lower budget, examples of specialist WordPress hosting companies include Hostgator or Bluehost. If you are on a higher budget, an example is WP-Engine.

You can always add WordPress E-commerce plugins if you want to also sell physical products as a secondary element to your content business.

2. An e-commerce website: If your website is an ecommerce site with lots of physical products that you sell online and then physically deliver to your customer, consider using a specialist ecommerce hosting platform like Shopify, which is designed to help you set up your product pages and online payments.

You can always integrate with WordPress if you want to add a secondary content element to your businesss.

3. A service website: If your business is service orientated and the goal of your website is to get people to request quotes for your services, then we suggest looking at a specialist website service that helps design and host websites with built in quote generators, specifically for service orientated business.

An example is which includes quote generators, as well as testimonial and portfolio builders.

Step 3: Keep updating your website in line with the latest trends.

No website should be static.

Update, modify and change your website as your business progresses.

And keep up to date with the latest website trends, which includes being mobile responsive.