How to create an irresistible offer

How to create an Irresistible Offer

Summary: Would you like to create an offer your customers cannot refuse? Make your product or service offer irresistible to your customers and increase your income.

If your offer is not being snapped up by your customers it may be missing some crucial elements.

Here’s what you need to do to your offer to make it irresistible:

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Step 1: Make sure your offer leads to a clear and tangible result.

Customers are more likely to buy if the outcome of purchasing your product or service is crystal clear.

Don’t confuse your customers.

The investment that they make must have a clear path and the customer must know exactly what they are going to get for what they pay.

Step 2: Make your offer emotionally driven.

All good offers are emotionally driven.

Make sure that your offer alleviates one or more pain points and satisfies an important customer desire.

If your offer manages to achieves both, it is emotionally driven and will get more results.

Step 3: Ensure your offer has social proof.

People will make purchasing decisions based on the experiences of others.

Make sure your product or service comes with strong testimonials and existing results.

Having a lot of social media activity around your offer also helps.

People purchase offers that come with the best reviews, not the cheapest offers or the ones that make the loudest claims.

Step 4: Ensure the value of your offer outweighs the cost.

People want to know they are getting a great deal.

So give them more value or potential value for their investment.

Step 5: Centre your offer around the customer who is actively seeking it.

Target your offer towards people that are actively seeking a specific solution, instead of towards people who need something but don’t know it yet.

People should want your offer right now, you should not have to spend loads of time and energy trying to convert people.

You should just have to prove that you can deliver the results around what they are seeking.

Step 6: Lower the customer’s risk.

Customers are more likely to buy if they are reassured that they have recourse if they are not satisfied with your offer.

Include a 30 day or 60 day money-back guarantee or a warranty and strong after sales support.

Step 7: Create a community around your offer.

People want a sense of belonging.

People like to do what other people are doing.

If there is a community of people on social media liking and commenting on your offer, other people are more likely to join everyone else and make a purchase.

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