How to deal with business stress

How to deal with the Business Stresses of the New Year

Summary: The New Year can bring a lot of stress for an entrepreneur. Here’s how to deal with this stress and achieve the goals and ambitions you set for yourself for the year.

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Every New Year we make New Year’s resolutions and goals, and are often disappointed with ourselves when we fail to achieve them.

This creates unhappiness and stress, which affects your business – costing you both money and time.

Here are some very simple, yet effective tips to get back into a happy space enabling you to achieve the goals and ambitions you made for the New Year.

Step 1: Look at your previous year and see what you can improve on.

Ask yourself what you can change and improve upon from last year.

What new directions can you take?

Learning from mistakes is empowering, and brings you closer to the success you desire.

Step 2: Clear out negative energy that keeps you stagnant.

Go through things like your cupboards, your shelves and your desk.

Clear out all the old clutter that has been holding you back

Clearing out old, stagnant energy not only makes way for the new but also reduces stress levels. A physical clean out helps to create a clear mindset, which can help you focus on what you want to achieve.

Step 3: Simplify your lifestyle to let things flow more easily.

The simpler your lifestyle is, the easier things can flow.

With all the unnecessary clutter removed from your space, you are simplifying the space around you, and your life.

Step 4: Define a timeline to achieve specific goals and ambitions.

Get clear, and be specific, about the goals and ambitions you want to achieve.

Set a date to achieve your goals by.

This will help to create a clearly defined timeline

Then set in place simple, easy and progressive steps to achieve these goals and ambitions along your timeline.

Step 5: Make a list on your timeline to prevent procrastination.

Make a list of things or steps you need to take towards achieving your goal.

Come back to the list every time you procrastinate, get stuck or are deviating from your goals.

Frequently reviewing your list helps to prevent stress, and keeps your mind clear and focused. A daily review of your goals and action steps is essential.

Step 6: Write goals down in order to track your success.

It is important to write goals down instead of just carrying them in your head.

If you carry goals in your head, day-to-day things get in your way and interfere with goal achievement. This can cause unnecessary stress.

Step 7: Track your successes by marking actions off on your list.

Even if you take just one small action step per day, mark this action off on your list to see your progress.

Happiness increases, and stress decreases, when you can see you are making progress, even if the progress means taking those little steps forward.

Step 8: Lay down a firm foundation with small increments.

By taking small increments or steps you are more inclined to stick to your goals and ambitions and move forward successfully.

May you successfully achieve your New Year’s resolutions and goals without stress or fuss!

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