Generate leads fast

How to Generate Leads Fast

Summary: How to generate leads for business in a short time frame. Especially relevant when under pressure to get more income coming in.

As entrepreneurs we often get so caught up in the creation of product or the daily operations, that we lose sight of lead generation, or don’t get to pay it the attention it needs in order to ensure a steady flow of business.

Sometimes, the pressure catches up with us. And we are left in a situation where new leads need to be generated in a short time frame.

It also helps to be able to add quick lead generation tactics to your normal lead generation process in order to increase the amount of fresh leads you get in on a monthly basis.

Here are some ways to get those leads in fast.

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Step 1: Speak to existing customers and ask them for referrals

Existing customers have already had the experience of dealing with you.

If they are happy, they will most likely be willing to provide you with some referrals of people they think also need your service.

The referrals become warm leads, because when you contact them you can say that they were referred by …(whomever they were referred by) and you have their attention.

It helps to set up a compelling referral reward – give your customer something in exchange for each referral in order to encourage more referrals. 

Step 2: Contact existing customers to tell them about a new product.

It is easy to forget that existing customers are actually a great list of existing leads that you can sell to again.

Create a new offering and offer it to your existing customers.   

Step 3: Add a live chat box to your website

Add a live chat box to your website.

When someone goes onto your website and elects to live chat with you, they go from a cold lead to a lead that you can begin engaging with.

Examples of good live chat box tools include My Live Chat, Zopim and Pure Chat.

Step 4: Register on ‘Help a Reporter Out’ to get media exposure

Go to the website Help a Reporter Out on

Register something exciting that is happening in your business on this website.

This lets the world of media know what is going on in your world.

You just may get a reporter or two contacting you to do an interview in order to get your business publicity.

Use the publicity opportunity to mention your website. Make sure you have lead forms on your website for people to fill in.

Step 5: Become a member of networking organizations in your industry

Once you are a member of a networking organization, you will often find that members have access to lists of other members. 

Contact the other members to see if any of them are potential leads for your offering. 

Step 6: Put a lead link in your email signature

You probably send emails out every day.

Put a link to a lead form in your email signature to take advantage of the lead generation opportunities every time you send out an email. Make sure that you offer something of value in exchange for the person’s contact information.

Step 7: If you have budget, join is a SalesForce initiative, whereby you can literally search for the types of leads you want in specific categories and get access to the contact details of those leads. 

For example, you can search for HR Managers in South Africa, and a list will pop up. 

You do need some budget to access the contact details of the leads. However, you can also exchange your own contacts for points in order to access new contacts. 

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