How 2 generate more leads from Facebook

18th January 2020

Summary: How to increase the quantity and quality of leads you get from Facebook. Learn important tips and tricks that will ensure you maximize any spend on Facebook to help grow your business.


  • Increase the number of leads you get from Facebook.
  • Improve the quality of leads you get from Facebook.
  • Maximize business results from your spend on Facebook.


Step 1: Ensure you have a website with a blog.

Make sure you have a quality website with a quality blog.

Your blog posts become your website content, which in turn get posted on Facebook, which in turn drives more traffic to your website and the products and services you offer.

Step 2: Make quality content a business priority.

You need to create quality content consistently in order to keep driving people to your website via Facebook.

Quality content will be the right content that gives value to the right target market.

Remember that the people you want as leads are the people who will ultimately buy your products and services. Therefore your content should be directed at the people who are going to buy your products and services from the start.

Content does not result in sales directly. It helps you to build and nurture relationships with potential customers. You then use selling techniques on these potential customers. Facebook helps you to get your website content out to a lot more people, therefore getting you a lot more leads.

In order to create regular content, you need to make this a business priority. In other words, allocate a decent percentage of your business resources to this function and make sure the 'content creation function' becomes a daily habit in your business.

Step 3: Align your content strategy to your Facebook strategy

Your content should be posted on Facebook in order to dramatically increase your ability to attract leads.

Facebook has over a billion active monthly users and you can use targeting to narrow down your target market.

Facebook requires the knowledge of special tricks and techniques in order to get maximum engagement from your posts. The more people engage with your posts, the more your posts appear in people's timelines, the more leads you are likely to attract. Therefore your content strategy should include the addition of these Facebook tricks and techniques.

The best people to learn these special tricks and techniques from are the ones with the most knowledge of these techniques, who have applied them with global success in terms of revenue for their business.

The most comprehensive course in the world that we have come across where you can learn all these Facebook tricks and techniques is called FBinfluence.

FBinfluence is taught in over 119 countries and is affordable.

Examples of some tricks and techniques that FBinfluence teaches includes:-

  • How to grab maximum peoples' attention
  • How often to post, what to post and when to post
  • How to generate create lead generating content on Facebook that can be converted into actual sales
  • How to search for and advertise to your specific target market on Facebook with the best results


Step 4: Link a personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook Business Page

To get the maximum amount of leads for your spend, you will need to be active on both a personal Facebook Profile and Facebook Business Page and ensure they are linked.

On your personal Facebook Profile you can actively search for friends who like specific companies that align with your product or service offerings.

Send friend requests to people from your search results who also share several mutual friends with you. In this way, you are not inviting total strangers as they are already form part of your extended network.

You can then invite your friends to like your business page and start building relationships with them.

Step 5: Create lead generators on your Facebook page

You must put lead generators on your Facebook page which encourage people to supply you with their names and email address so that you can market to them.

Lead generators you can put on Facebook include:-

  • A link to a lead generation page directly from your Facebook Cover, using the supplied call to action button.
  • Facebook tabs with lead forms on them. You can create your own Facebook apps if you know how, or you can use a 3rd party app to do this like Shortstack, Heyo or Tabsite.
  • Contents, competitions, polls or voting that you encourage on your Facebook page. People need to supply their contact info in order to enter or participate. A platform like Shortstack will give you the professional tools to do this.
  • Facebook posts that get people to click on lead generation pages on your website, like free ebooks downloads and free webinar signups.

A comprehensive online course like FBinfluence will teach you exactly how to implement all of these lead generators and which are the best ones to implement.

Step 6: Boost your Facebook posts

Facebook has become a platform you need to spend some money on in order to get the best results.

Include the cost of boosting your Facebook posts in your monthly business budget. You can start small.

You can boost posts to people who like your page and their friends, which is highly effective, as they are not total strangers.

You can also boost posts to a specific target market with specific interests in specific countries. It can take a bit of time and experimentation to figure out the best ways to target on Facebook for your own business. Keep checking your Facebook ad reports to see what is working, what isn't working and what works the best for your business.

Once you have boosted your posts, you do not have to spend additional money on ads to get people to like your Facebook page if you don't have the budget. Simply invite the people who liked your posts to also like your page.

Boost content posts as well as posts that take people directly to lead generation pages on your website.

If you do not have big budget, only spend money on boosting posts that have already had a naturally high organic reach, or reboost posts that already got you great results before.

Make sure any images on posts you boost do not have more than 20% text in them, or Facebook will not approve them to be boosted. You may need to use different images for Facebook than what you have used on your website content as a result of this 20% text rule.

Use the pinning function on Facebook to pin your most popular posts to the top of your page for seven days so people see them first.

The pinning function can help to maximize the results you get from a post.

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      Hi Steve. A valid comment. We know the techniques in this tutorial work well if your offering is targeted at the public or if your target market are SME’s. Has anyone got ideas or techniques for generating leads from Facebook if your target market is much larger organizations or very large corporations? There may also be occasions on this platform where you find a particular tutorial is less relevant to your current circumstances, while other tutorials speak to you and exactly what you need to learn right now.

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