How to get unstuck as an entrepreneur

How to get ‘Unstuck’ as an Entrepreneur

Summary: How to get ‘unstuck’ when both you and your business feel like you are in a rut, unable to break through the obstacles.

As entrepreneurs we tend to go through times where we feel ‘stuck’. Nothing seems to work and strategies seem futile.

No matter what gets done, the big obstacles seem impossible to resolve.

The financial stress gets high and it feels like the business is going in circles.

The business just does not feel like it is moving in the direction you have envisioned.

If you are feeling ‘stuck’ as an entrepreneur, here’s what you need to do:

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Step 1: Identify the skills you are missing.

If you and your business are feeling ‘stuck’, there is a high possibility that it is because there are crucial skills that you don’t know how to do yet.

It is the lack of this skill set that is most likely holding you back.

Identify the specific skills that you know if you had would catapult you and your business forward.

Well-known success coach Brian Tracy says “Every skill is learnable.”

And he is right.

Step 2: Learn the skills you are missing.

Once you have identified the skill sets you are missing, make a concerted effort to learn how to do them.

For example, you may need to learn how to design a website, you may need learn how to make Facebook work for you, you may need to learn how to sell online, you may need to learn how to save and invest your money, you may need to  learn how to sell better, you may need to learn how to communicate better, you may need to learn how to generate leads.

Step 3: Apply the skills you have been missing.

Once you have learned the relevant skills, start applying them.

For example, if you needed to learn how to generate more leads, once you have learned this skill, go and apply it in your business.

You will find your business start to shift.

You won’t feel stuck anymore.

You will feel like there is progress.

Step 4: Identify the next skill you are missing and go learn how to do it.

Once you have mastered a skill you have been missing, you will find that there is yet another skill that needs to be learned in order to move forward again.

Keep repeating this process of identifying the skills you are missing and go and learn them and apply them.

In fact the learning and growing should never stop.

It is when the learning stops that we as entrepreneurs feel stuck.

Step 5: Stay humble.

Don’t ever feel like you know it all.

If you and your business feel stuck, it is because there is something you have yet to learn and apply.

Stay humble. Keep learning. Keep applying.

No matter how successful you become, you need to stay humble, because it is highly likely your business will inevitably get stuck again in the future, and there will invariably be more skill sets you need to learn.

Step 6: Stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others can make you feel depressed and stuck.

If someone is ahead of you in certain aspects, its simply because you still need to learn the skills that they have spent the time learning.

It is highly likely that you will be ahead of that person in other aspects, as there will be other skill sets that you have that the other person still needs to learn.

Focus on moving forward on your own journey of learning and application.

If anything, learn from one another.

Let your fellow entrepreneur’s successes help you to identify the skill sets you are missing, instead of feeling bad that they have achieved something you have not achieved as  yet.

Step 7: Set new goals based on your new skill sets.

Once you have acquired the skills sets you have been lacking, you will be able to set new goals that will take you and your business from ‘stuck’ to a place where you are moving forward.

And keep setting new goals as you learn new skills.

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