How to increase sales

How to Increase your Sales

Summary: Are you wondering how to increase your sales? In this article we cover some key things you can do to get those sales up.

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Step 1: Make you sure offer an EXCELLENT product.

The quality of your product or service determines how much you can sell and how successful your business can become.

You want people to say ‘Wow, that’s an excellent product. Let me tell others about it.”

If people aren’t talking about how good your product is, it probably is not selling very well or it is a big struggle to make sales.

Step 2: Ask yourself how your product improves the life of your customer.

A product that will make a customer’s life better, easier or happier is less difficult to sell.

Your product must matter to the customer and to their lives and it must improve their lives. For example, lots of people buy a cellphone because it matters to their lives.

Your product must play an essential role in the lives of your customers for it to sell very well.

Step 3: Ask yourself why you deserve to have your ideal customer buy from you and not from someone else.

You may be offering a product, but you probably have competition in the market place.

So why should the ideal customers be buying from you and not from them?

Are you offering a superior product to your competitors?

Remember, customers are not loyal – they are selfish – they want the best option that suits them.

If you are not being competitive then it is difficult to increase your sales.

Step 4: Make sure you are differentiated.

What is it that makes your product different?

What is your unique selling proposition?

What is that thing that makes you stand out from the all the rest?

To get your sales up you must have a competitive advantage.

Step 5: Position your product as the first and best choice in the customer’s mind.

When your customer thinks of your type of product, they must think of your brand.

If they are thinking of other people’s brands then they are buying from these other people.

Get your sales up by positioning your product as the first and best choice.

Step 6: If your product does not make your customer go “I want that”, go back to the drawing board.

Do your customers want what you are selling?

If your customers are not saying “Wow, that’s exactly the thing for me – I really want that” your sales are not going to increase very easily.

While this may be a harsh reality, it is better to ensure you have something that people want – making it an easy sell – rather than trying to force sales and force your business to work.

Step 7: Keep track of the numbers you need for sales to go up.

Monitor number of new leads, number of conversions, size of sales, gross profit per sale, net profit per sale, how often people purchase and number of referrals.

When you monitor the numbers and have them on record, you have something solid to improve upon and track your progress against.

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  • Jessica Laurel

    Thank you for these interesting tips I will use them to increase my sales.

  • Brienne Donner

    Now that I look at my product I can see why it is not selling well. Thank you for this article.