how to make a viral video

How to make a Viral Video

Summary: How to get your videos to go viral and get hundreds of thousands of views on social media and your website.

A viral video is a video that becomes extremely popular through internet and social media sharing.

Getting a video to go viral is the ‘holy grail’ of today’s marketing world.

Once a video goes viral you can gets tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of leads and your brand can go from not known at all to known all over the world.

While it is certainly challenging to get a video to go viral and there are no guarantees, it is not impossible.

Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of your videos going viral.

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Step 1: Create a video that is ‘infotainment.’

Your video should teach, sell and entertain.

If your video does not give information as well as entertain, it is unlikely to be a success from both a viral and a business goal point of view.

Step 2: Make sure the themes of your video are congruent with your brand.

For example, Harley Davidson can have videos with the themes freedom and status as these are congruent with their brand.

It has been proven that video themes that go hand in hand with the brand make for better viral content.

Step 3: Make sure your video invokes strong emotions.

For a video to go viral, it must hit a strong emotional cord with its viewers.

It must either create a strong sentiment that aligns with your brand, or a strong emotion that makes people want to share it with others.

A viral video about women sharing and supporting one another created a strong sentiment amongst women and got over 3 million views.

Humour does not create as strong an emotion as a strong sense of sentiment, but can be used effectively if done really well.

Step 4: Make sure your video is relevant to a large, existing group of people.

When relying on others to spread your video, make sure that it has relevance to a large, existing group of people who like to spread the word amongst one another.

For example, university students love to share videos, or people who share a common pain points, like entrepreneurs who tend to form large communities.

Step 5: Ensure your video has an opt-in with a free giveaway.

If your video does not have some kind of opt-in on it, you are losing out on valuable leads and subscribers, especially if your video goes viral.

Your free giveaway can be a free webinar or a free ebook, but ideally it should be another free video to keep in the same marketing vein.

If you are clever with your set up, the free opt-in should go straight into a sales funnel where people get value first and then go to a sales page.

The video software hosting provider Wistia has a ‘turnstile’ option on their Pro package to help ensure you get opt-ins with your video.

Step 6: Put your video on both Youtube and your own website.

Youtube is the best platform for videos to go viral, but also put your video on your own website.

If your video does go viral, you don’t want to miss out on any valuable website traffic and attention to your brand.

Step 7: Put your video onto Facebook and promote it.

Facebook is a great platform for a video to be shared.

So make sure your video is posted on Facebook and make sure you spend money on Facebook ‘pay per click’ ads to promote your video.

Step 8: Ensure there is lots of activity around your video as soon as it goes live.

Social media works on algorithms.

It is essential that your video gets lots of full views, shares, comments and likes as soon as it goes live.

Have a strategy in place to ensure that as many people as you possibly know will watch the full video, share it, comment on it and like it as soon as it goes live.

Step 9: Get other blogs to embed and link to your video.

The more places your video is linked and embedded the more views it will get.

As part of your strategy, get your video onto as many other relevant blogs, Facebook pages and Youtube channels as possible, especially those with a high readership and viewership.

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