how to recruit the right staff

How to Recruit the Right Staff

Summary: Here are some important things you should do to ensure you recruit top notch staff who will deliver at a high level.

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Step 1: Consider the precise nature of the position to be filled.

Make sure you write down every task and responsibility to be carried out by an ideal candidate.

List the exact skill sets and experience that they need to have in order to carry out these tasks and responsibilities.

Only then start to search for the individual that best fits the position you have clarified.

Step 2: Remember you are recruiting a person.

A person has emotions and character and needs to fit in with your organisation.

Don’t focus on qualifications and experience alone, but rather on the individual as a whole.

Step 3: Let go of personal bias.

Involve more than one person in the selection process so that your decision in not skewed by personal bias.

Step 4: Get candidates to describe their real-life experience.

Use a technique called competency-based interviewing.

This requires asking open-ended questions that get to the heart of real-life situations where the candidate may have handled issues similar to the ones they may come across in your business.

This technique reveals what skills and experience they actually have and demonstrates a lot about their approach to their work.

Step 5: Use clever interview questions.

You can ask specific interview questions that help you understand aspects of the individual’s behaviours, personality and experience in a work context.

For example:

Interview questions to assess cultural fit:

1. Describe the work environment in which you are most happy.

2. In your experience, how does an organisation encourage you to go the extra mile?

3. What is the most important factor that needs to be present in your work environment for you to be happy?

4. What is your preferred work style – alone or part of a team?

Interview questions to assess motivation: 

1. Imagine you received an award 5 years from now. What is the award, why did you receive it and what are the circumstances under which you are receiving it?

2. At the end of your work life, what must have been present for you to feel you had a successful career?

3. What in your experience motivates your best job performance? Give us an example.

4. What actions and interactions motivated your co-workers’ best performance?

Interview questions to assess interpersonal skills:

1. Tell me about a time you clashed with your manager or co-worker. How did you resolve the situation?

2. Tell me about a time when you worked with someone who became a friend. What did you do to ensure this friendship bore positive results for the organization?

3. Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you disliked. What did you do to make the relationship work so it did affect the business.

4. What are three examples of attitudes or actions you are most likely to conflict with at work? Give me an example of a situation like this that you faced and resolved in the past?

Interview questions to assess decision-making skills:

1. Describe the process you followed to choose the college you attended.

2. Think about a time when you had several options to choose from but none of them were sufficient to meet your goal. How did you choose?

3. Do you have a method you use when making decisions?

4. How will you decide whether you accept a job offer?

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  • Jessica Laurel

    I have not been able to find the right staff. I always end up doing all the work myself anyway :-(

    • How 2 for Entrepreneurs

      Finding the right staff requires a proper process and time. Often entrepreneurs just employ the first person that ‘feels right’ but there is more to it. See if any of the advice in this article helps and keep at it!